Acacia tanjorensis “Ragup., Thoth. & Mahad.” ;


MS/23/10/2016 – 7 – Request for Id of a tree : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3) 

I request the ID of the tree. Photographs attached herewith. No suggestion from my side.

Acacia species ?

Acacia ho sakta hai.

Yes Accacia sp, may be A. senegal ???????

Unfortunately you have not mentioned the place where you photographed the same, nor did you mention whether you found it as a wild or cultivated plant which is very very important for accurate determination!
Well, this is Senegaila modesta (Wall.) P.J.H. Hurter (Leguminosae: Mimosoideae) distributed in the subhimalayan tracts of Central and Western Himalayas and north-west India to Pakistan and Afghanistan. 
To be more precise, the images posted by you represent Acacia tanjorensis Ragup,, Thoth. and A. Mahad., sllightly disjunct to South India, differing from Acacia modesta Wall. only in the more abundant spinules or prickles on the branchlets and probably more obscure minor venation. Recently, however, Acacia tanjorensis was separated from Acacia modesta and wrongly transferred to Vachellia, and they called it Vachellia tanjorensis IRagup., Thoth. & A. Mahad.) Ragup., Seigler, Ebinger & Maslin in Phytotaxa 162(3): 177. 2014 although in my opinion Vachellia tanjorensis is conspecific with Senegalia modesta and at the most may be recognized as a variety or subspecies (on account of disjunction) possessing differences as mentioned above.

…, Thanks for  the ID and the detailed analysis. Excellent. The photographs were taken in Adyar Theosophical society, Chennai long time back (2008). I really donot know whether it is introduced or cultivated. In all probabilities it is wild.

images by Dr. Mahadeswara Swami



Photographs of the shrub are attached. Place: Chennai city , Theosophical society campus. Date.: 4.11.2008

Acacia Senegal 

Look different from images at Senegalia senegal (L.) Britton,  N. L. Britton & P. Wilson

Acacia tanjorensis “Ragup., Thoth. & Mahad.”  as per another thread: MS/23/10/2016 – 7 – Request for Id of a tree

Yes.  This was discussed earlier.

This is Acacia tanjorensis, now transferred to Vachellia !!  … in Dec. 2016 admitted to me that this was a great mistake. When I asked him as to how to distinguish this from Selegalia modesta, this was his reply:
Personally I would have treated tanjorensis as a subspecies of modesta. The differences are not great but they do exist, presumably because it radiated slightly being disjunct from the main populations of modesta. 
However, the differences elucidated by him are very difficult to understand, such as leaflets slightly less elongate, having a better developed reticulum, and lacking a distinct apiculum at their rounded apices; spines normally absent from nodes……
If we look at the above images, I would feel that even a varietal distinction seems impossible.
It is necessary to write a paper on this species and clarify the situation. 

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