Adenia trilobata (Roxb.) Engl., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 14: 375 1891. (syn: Modecca saponaria (Blanco) Blanco; Modecca trilobata Roxb.; Passiflora saponaria Blanco);
India, Bhutan, Darjeeling, Myanmar [Burma] (Bago), Bangladesh as per Catalogue of Life;

Stems upto 20m. Leaves usually deeply 3-lobed; lobes elliptic to lanceolate, 9-15x3cm, acuminate, base cordate or sagittate, glabrous on both surfaces, blade gland usually 2, 2-5mm diameter; petiole 5-8cm, with 2 rounded glands 4-5mm diameter at junction with leaf. Peduncles 5-20cm, bearing up to 50 flowers in males, 4-8 flowers in females. Male flowers: calyx tube 10mm including triangular lobes; petals obovate, 6-8 x 2-2.5mm, laciniate, inserted near base of calyx: filaments 6-9mm, connate in lower half; anther 3.5-4 x 0.7-1mm; disc glands 1.5-2mm; pistillode 1mm. Female flowers: calyx tube 12-13mm; petals 3-4×1.5mm, serrulate, inserted near base of calyx; disc glands 1-1.5mm; ovary ellipsoid 4.5 x 2.5mm, on gynophore 1-2mm; styles 1-2mm, connate at base. Fruit oblong or obovoid, slightly 3-angular, 5-6 x 2-3cm, greenish.

Fl. May-June
Hot subtropical forest.
(Attributions- A.C.J Grierson & D.G Long. Flora of Bhutan. Published by RBGE. 1991from Bhutan Biodiversity Portal)



MS Oct.2016/38 Cucurbitaceae for ID :  11 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)

Location : Hualtu, Mizoram
Date : 29-08-2012
Habit : Climber
Habitat : Wild

Professor Hanno Schaefer (cc-ed above) identified that image as a Passifloraceae, most likely an Adena.

Pl. see posting by … of a similar plant at Id of wild cucurbit from Arunachal Pradesh

Also pl. check with Adenia hondala

Pl. see the links on Adenia hondala below:

Adenia hondala appears to match with.

Could it be Adenia heterophylla ?

This is Adenia trilobata of passifloraceae.

Adenia trilobata, (Roxb.) Engl. (= Modecca trilobata, Roxb.)





Id of wild cucurbit from Arunachal Pradesh : 9 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (8)
A wild cucurbit for identification pl. 
Date/Time- July, 2009 
Location- Place, Altitude, GPS- Khari, East Kamneg district, Arunachal Pradesh 
Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type- Wild
Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb- Climber
Height/Length- ca 3 m high

Is this plant Gurania lobata ?

The plant does not look like the few photographs of Gurania lobata available on the web

It was just a bad guess from me !!

This is Adenia wightiana (Passifloraceae) or one of its allied spp. The leaves are highly variable, ranging from simple/unlobed to variously lobed.

Herbarium Specimen for the plant (Adenia wightiana) for comparison

Does not match with images & distribution of Adenia wightiana

This must also be the same as in another thread by … in which … has given the following reply:

“This is Adenia trilobata of passifloraceae.”

I think this is Trichosanthes sp.

Thanks, … I seems to have completely misjudged it.

Does not match with any Trichosanthes species so far in efi

That is a Passifloraceae, probably Adena trilobata.

This is Adenia trilobata of passifloraceae family.