Dasiphora dryadanthoides Juz., Fl. USSR. 10: 72. 1941. (syn: Pentaphylloides dryadanthoides (Juz.) Soják ; Potentilla dryadanthoides (Juz.) Vorosch.; Potentilla dryadanthoides (Juz.) Vorosch. ex M.Shah ; Potentilla phyllocalyx subsp. dryadanthoides (Juz.) Podlech );
C-Asia, Pakistani Kashmir (Gilgit, Baltistan), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh, Rupshu, Zanskar) as per Catalogue of Life ;

070722 JM 3: 7 images.
From Changla pass (17600 ft) to Pangong (14000 ft.) on 17.6.22, in Ladakh

Dasiphora dryadanthoides Juz.

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There have been a lot of nomenclatural and taxonomic changes to what was known as Potentilla fruticosa and its varieties in the past. A very polymorphic ‘species’ varying in habit, indumentum, leaflet number, calyx and epicalyx size.
I shall leave it to you to decide who to follow as to its current ‘Accepted Name’.  I am at this time following Dickore & Klimes Ladakh Checklist (2005)- Dasiphora dryadanthoides Juzepczuk
There appears to be no entry for this in eFI – under any name.
Flowers of the Himalaya knew it as Potentilla fruticosa var. pumila – common in the dry Tibetan borderlands to 5500m; a low prostrate shrub with tiny silvery-haired leaves. There is a line drawing.
Stewart also knew it as Potentilla fruticosa var. pumila from N.Pakistan & Ladakh @ 3900-5180m.
I am familiar with it from Ladakh and at Zingzingbar at the base of the Baralacha, Lahoul.
‘Flora of Lahaul-Spiti’ knew it as Potentilla arbuscula var. pumilacommon on rocks and sandy-gravely slopes between Patseo and Zingzingbar.
‘Flora of Bhutan’ (1987) knew it as P.arbuscula var. pumilafrom exposed stony slopes @ 3900-4200m in Bhutan & Sikkim.
I am attaching a fine image taken by Feroze Khan & Mudita Badwhar thanks to Deepak Badwhar -illustrates the habit of this plant very well indeed.
Plus a shot scanned in from a slide taken in the 1980s – showing the habitat of the plant beside the Durung Drung glacier in Zanskar.  The ‘soil’ it grew in was largely sand.


Dasiphora dryadanthoides from Ladakh: 7 images- 1 high res.
On the way from Pangong Tso (14000 ft.) to Chang La (17600 ft) on 18.6.22 near to Chang La, in Ladakh.
Seen alongside the road, towards the rocks.
This appears to be in the fruiting stage, flowering early due to being kept covered in fresh snows (as can be seen in the images) at such heights.

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Ladakh, August 2022 :: Dasiphora dryadanthoides :: ARK2022-181: 2 high res. images.

This was at Nakee la in Ladakh in August 2022.
Dasiphora dryadanthoides
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Catalogue of Life  POWO  The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Unresolved)  GBIF  Flora of Pakistan (Potentilla dryadanthoides (Juz.) Viroshilov syn: Dasiophora dryadanthoides Juz.; Potentilla arbuscula var. pumila (Hook. f.) Hand.-Mazz.; Potentilla fruticosa var. pumila Hook. f.FOP illustration  Flora of China (Potentilla fruticosa var. pumila J. D. Hooker syn. Potentilla arbuscula var. pumila (J. D. Hooker) Handel-Mazzetti) India Biodiversity Portal