E. Australia as per WCSP;

Australia (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria), N-New Zealand (introduced) as per Catalogue of Life




Bush For ID : California : 28OCT14 : AK-37 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).
Bush with White berries seen at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on 30/9/14.

Is this the Snowberry, Symphoricarpus albus?
Kindly confirm id.

I hope Ligustrum ovalifolium

Pictures on searching are not matching with the suggested id.
Could you kindly recheck?

Can we consider Cornus sericea?
Just a suggested id on searching.

Although leaves are matching with your suggested id, I can’t find any images of white berries on searching for Ligustrum ovalifolium.
I take the id as your suggested one as final?
Or would you consider to look again?

Pictures on searching for your suggested id Ligustrum ovalifolium, are all with black berries.
My plant seems to be something else.
… may be able to help.

I can’t find pictures with the suggested ids.

My post from Golden Gate Park still remains a mystery.

Although leaves do look like Ligustrum ovalifolium as suggested by …, I am unable to find pictures with white berries on searching.
Really eager to know the id. 

Looks like I have found a name for my mystery plant almost after two years.

Is it Acmena smithii, now known as Syzygium smithii of Myrtaceae?
Experts kindly validate.