Tabebuia haemantha (Bertol. ex Spreng.) DC., Prodr. 9: 214 1845. (syn: Bignonia haemantha Bertol. ex Spreng.; Spathodea portoricensis Bello; Tecoma haemantha (Bertol. ex Spreng.) Griseb.);



Bignoniaceae (Dark Pink) for ID :: Thane :: ARKDEC21 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

This plant was seen in the cultivated garden at Thane in December 2016.
Requested to please provide ID.

Pl. Check comparative images at EFI site under Bignoniaceae

I could not match it with any of the species so far in efi as per comparative images at Bignoniaceae 

Check Podranea

Please check
Tabebuia haemantha syn. Bignonia haemantha
Family: Bignoniaceae

Although it is rare…but some similarities are there 

Thanks … It did not match any of the listings on eFI.
I does match Tabebuia haemantha…..

Looks like some Tabebuia cultivar, most probably Tabebuia haemantha (Bertol. ex Spreng.) DC.



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Pl. check comparative species at Bignoniaceae page in efi as below:

I think 



Dattaji Salvi Udyan  Thane

Date: May 5, 2018 … Altitude: about 11 m (36 feet) asl

Ipomoea horsfalliae  Hook.

This does not look like Ipomoea horsfalliae to me. 

To me looks different from images 

Looks like Bignoniaceae to me.

You may be right, …

Many many thanks … for pointing to the misidentification.

And apologies for the recent messing of my posts.

I think I have become too hasty in labeling my plants.

No doubt it is a Bignoniaceae member, if I had seen it carefully.

Now I referred to … flickr album of Dattaji Salvi Udyan – and I see she has labelled it as Tabebuia haemantha. Many thanks to …

I also just identified at as 
before seeing your mail.