Trop. & Subtrop. Asia to N. Australia as per WCSP;

Perennial, more than 1 m; rhizome with short stolons. Stem 4-6 mm in diam., sharply trigonous, sides concave above. Leaves reduced; sheaths few, up to more than 30 cm, grey-brown or reddish, lowest bladeless; ligule 0 (?); blades 1-3, short, up to c.10 mm wide, flat, margins smooth, apex acute, smooth or scabrous. Inflorescence simple anthelodium, up to more than 10 cm diam., usually wider than long; bracts 3-4, longer than inflorescence; primary branches up to 7 cm, spreading, tubular prophylls up to c.8 mm; cluster of spikes with usually more than 15 spikes, in almost spherical group, lowest often almost digitately pedunculate. Spikes 10-25 x 1.5-2 mm, with 10-40 glumes, glume-like bract c. 1 mm, acute, glume-like prophyll bi-nerved, blunt, base spongy; rachis almost straight, quadrangular with sharp, narrowly winged angles; glumes c.2.2 mm, cymbiform when fresh, almost flat, inwards curved when dry, blunt, reddish-brown, mid-nerve not prominent, margins scarious, grey-yellow. Anthers c.1 mm. Nut c.1.8 x 0.5 mm, trigonous, slightly compressed, dark brown, glossy, very finely reticulate.

Flowering and fruiting: September-December
Banks of backwaters and ponds, and mangrove forests
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi from India Biodiversity Portal



Submission of Cyperus malaccensis : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)  

Plant name: Cyperus malaccensis Lam., Tabl. Encycl. 1: 146. 1791.
Family: Cyperaceae
Description: Perennials. Rhizomes , woody, culms 0.5-1.5 m tall, 4-6 mm thick, acutely trigonus; with 1-2 leaf sheaths; leaf blade absent; Involucral bracts 3 or 4, leaflike, unequal, one upto 40 cm long, remaing shorter. Inflorescence a simple ; rays 6-10, variable many,10-21cm long, . Spikes broadly ovoid, with 5-10 spikelets; rachist, glabrous. Spikelets laxly arranged, linear, 1-2.5 cm × ca. 1.5 mm, slightly turgid, spreading, 10-42-flowered; rachilla wings white, narrow, hyaline. Glumes reddish brown , lax, oblong to elliptic, 2-2.5 mm, papery, inconspicuously 7-9-veined, margin involute at maturity, apex obtuse to rounded. Stamens 3; anthers linear; connective prominent beyond anthers. Style short; stigmas 3, slender. Nutlet blackish brown when mature.
Photographed at Nellore rural, since the plant is amidst many cyperus species, it is picked out and imaged.



Cypresus Id from Bangladesh_SM_1432 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)

The plant looks like Cyperus malaccensis Lam. found in brackish water or saline marshy habitats towards coastal areas.


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