Scutellaria heydei Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 667 1885. ;

E. Afghanistan to Tibet ( as per WCSP);



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I attach 2 images taken as slides in the 1980s of Scutellaria heydei photographed for me in Ladakh.
This species is not included in ‘Flowers of the Himalaya’ (which covers 5 of the c.10 species of this genus which are commonly known as ‘Skull-caps’ recorded from the Himalaya).
Stewart records it from Chitral, Gilgit and Ladakh incl. Suru and Zanskar.
This was collected by my team during the University of Southampton Ladakh Expedition 1980 (the pressed specimens were gathered in triplicate, with a set deposited at the University of Kashmir).  4000m. Rangdum at head of Suru Valley; stony path below mountain; stony, silty
‘soil’; deep thick root, leaves pale grey-green; sepals & petals softly-hairy; petals soft pink & yellow.