Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis ?;


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Location: Kurintar, Nepal
Date : 30 December 2013
Altitude : 900 ft.

Please compare with Phlogacanthus in eFI.
Difficult without flowers.

Yes I guess this is Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis (Roxb. ex Hardw.) D.J.Mabberley (accepted name).

Nepali Names: चुवा / तिते 

Nepali Names: चुवा Chuwaa / तिते Tite 



Flowering Shrub for ID – 111212 – RK: Large Shrub. Pics taken on 09/12/12 in the morning in Lalbagh, Bangalore.
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Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus

This is lal basak gaach in bengali….

as the name implies it can be stand in for throat pain, inflammation and cough… being used mostly as an analgesic activity in folk and ayurvedic uses, at least locally in Kolkata…

To me it appears like Red Nongmangkha (Phlogacanthus pubinervis) rather than Nongmangkha (Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus), if the id at FOI is correct

Sorry, this appears a bit different from other posts & may be Nongmangkha (Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus) only.

Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis (Roxb. ex Hardw.) Mabb. ??

Phlogacanthus pubinervius T.Anderson Flower’s Picture

Looks different from images at Phlogacanthus pubinervius



Photographed from Lal Bagh, Bangalore on September 29, 2015. Tentatively identified as Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus. Please Validate.

efi page with images at Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis 


Thanks, …, Similar plant posted from Lalbagh at Flowering Shrub for ID – 111212 – RK was identified as Phlogacanthus thyrsiformis   

Phlogacanthus thyrsiflorus on efi page is very clear and beautifully inserted by you.

Phlogacanthus pubinervius T.Anderson Flower’s Picture

Looks different from images at Phlogacanthus pubinervius

Phlocacanthus thyrsiflorus (Roxb.) Nees and P. thyrsiformis (Roxb. ex Hardw.) Mabb. are synonyms, with latter as correct name.

Important difference between P. thyrsiformis and P. pubinervis is that thyrses or panicles are terminal in former, axillary in latter. They are clearly terminal here,

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