Dinetus grandiflorus (Wall.) Staples, Novon 3(2): 199 1993. (syn: Dinetopsis grandiflora (Wall.) Roberty; Porana grandiflora Wall.);


Dinetus grandiflorus (Wall.) Staples (accepted name) ?? : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)

Location: Chandragiri Hill, Nepal
Altitude:  8200 ft.
Date: 19 September 2016

Porana grandiflora Wall. (synonym) ??

I think matches with images & illustration as below:


Thank you … Nepali Names : आकाशवेली Aakaashvelee/ चमेरो लहरो Chamero Laharo

Dinetus grandiflorus (Wall.) Staples ??? : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Location: Nagarkot, Nepal
Altitude:6600 ft.
Date: 12 November 2017  

Calyx is raising some doubts vis-a-vis your earlier posting at Dinetus grandiflorus
Pl. also check other species as per Checklist of Nepal.

Does not look like matching to remaining 2 Dinetetus / Porana, i.e., racemosa and paniculata according to the listing unless it is different sp.


SK2032 06 July 2019 : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)- around 600 kb each.
Location:  Godawari, Lalitpur 
Date:  3 July 2019
Elevation:  1758 m.
Habit : Wild
Dinetus grandiflorus (Wall.) Staples. ?
Syn : Porana grandiflora Wall.
But elevation is not matching.

Thanks, …, for the wonderful images.
Efi page available at /species/a—l/cl/convolvulaceae/dinetus/dinetus-grandiflorus

To me also appears close to images at Dinetus grandiflorus


Dinetus grandiflorus (Wall.) Staples. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (6)- around 650 kb each.
Location:  Phulchoki, Lalitpur
Date:  3 July 2019
Elevation:  2674 m.
Habit : Wild
Syn : Porana grandiflora Wall.


Dinetus grandiflorus (Wall.) Staples : 10 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)-1, 2 & 3 mb.
Location: Chisapani, Kathmandu
Date: 01 October  2019
Elevation: 2176 m.
Habit : Wild

Attachments (2)- 2 & 3 mb.

Attachments (1) – 7 mb.

Very nice images! Porana grandiflora previously. Wish to see it someday live !

yes, …
in one of the earlier thread: this link is not working
i am baffled, its kew, how can it be dead
“I think matches with images & illustration as below:
can you remember the way you had found it?
the thread is: efi thread

I found a bw line botanical drawing in a paper:
looks good to study and perhaps take definitive photographs
its in :

Revision of Asiatic Poraneae (Convolvulaceae) – Cordisepalum, Dinetus, Duperreya, Porana, Poranopsis, and Tridynamia George W. Staples  BLUMEA 51: 403–491, 2006. url for it is:  https://www.Revision-of-Asiatic-Poraneae-(Convolvulaceae)