Campanula immodesta Lammers, Novon 8: 34 1998. (syn: Campanula modesta Hook.f. & Thomson [Illegitimate]);

Himalaya to China (SW. Sichuan, NW. Yunnan) as per WCSP;



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This species was photographed while I was a research student and collecting plants from Chaturangi glacier valley near Gangotri glacier in Uttarakashi district of Uttarakhand.

It is a photograph of the print of optical camera being used by me at that time.

Since the species is not represented in eFI so posting it here.

C. immodesta (=C. modesta) is known from this valley only in Uttarakhand though known from Bhutan, Sikkim, Nepal, Himachal Pradesh and J&K.

One good line diagram by Ann Farrer is available in Flowers of The Himalaya.

Interesting! No images in Google search!
One more line diagram in eflora China-

Thanks for posting this.
Hopefully will alert members to this species resulting in more postings with close-up images.
I must get round to posting a selection of images of what I understand to be C.aristata from Aphawat, Kashmir – and look for other Campanula images to contribute. 
Yes, there is a good line drawing by Ann Farrer in Flowers of the Himalaya but the more photos the better and the more species posted on eFI the better reference-wise – even not in close-up.
IF all known species have a selection of quality images posted on eFI, it will help any ‘different’ representatives to be noted and then checked if they constitute a variety or subspecies of an existing species or perhaps something GENUINELY new.
One of the problems with pressed specimens in herbaria is that IF access is difficult, time-consuming or costly, few get the opportunity to inspect/check them – relying upon written descriptions (and sometimes line drawings) or varying standard.  Enabling EVERYONE to CHECK – provided the photos are close-up and show diagnostic characteristics.
This is one of the WONDERFUL aspects of FREE data-bases such as eFI’s. Though all those members who can, have a responsibility to check that the identifications are as reliable as possible – along with applying the most up-to-date taxonomic treatments and nomenclatural changes EVEN if we are not necessarily in agreement with said changes….
Incorrect data creates all sorts of problems.
Not everything which appears on the internet can be relied.  Quality rather than Quantity must be the first consideration.  Just as eFI/the google group should not just be about being one of or even the largest of its type but ALSO one of, if not, THE BEST…..   Strikes me as the right OBJECTIVE/TARGET.

Well said, …

Adding a line diagram of C.immodesta drawn by me in my D.Phil. thesis. It shows the typical nature of fruit.

Thanks for this. Line drawings are still useful, even in these “high-tech” days!  

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