Streptopus simplex D.Don, Prodr. Fl. Nepal. 48 1825. (syn: Hekorima candida Kunth [Illegitimate]);
Common name: Simple Twisted Stalk, Twisted-stalk
Himalaya to China (Yunnan) as per WCSP;

request for addition of Streptopus simplex images: 2 very high res. images.
please check attached images, which are not pasted in eflora of india.
Streptopus simplex

Captured – Madhmaheshwar Uttarakhand
Alt. 3300m amsl.
id by Sunit Singh and JP Mehta.



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Location: Nagarkot , Nepal
Altitude:  6400 ft.
Date: 15 August 2015

May be some streptopus sp. (Liliaceae).

I am unsure. Have doubts about his being a Streptopus – the foliage does not seem to fit.
Pity cannot see the base of the leaves – these are clasping in this genus.
The altitude is questionable as well.  Not known below 2500m.
Needs further checking.  Fruit immature.
The pedicels are slender in Streptopus.  Kew herbarium images not high resolution whilst non available yet on Edinburgh site (which had much higher resolution images).

I guess it looks like matching with Streptopus simplex D.Don (accepted name) out of 2 Streptopus listed in Nepal as per the following link as well altitude and the fruiting season also matching.
Your opinion please.

Looks different from images at

Liliaceae….could be Smiliciana

Checked all
but look like closest to the same !

Yes !

This does not look like Streptopus simplex as per images at request for addition of Streptopus simplex images

Streptocus simplex….

But it looks different from images at request for addition of Streptopus simplex images.

The photo in eflora was in bud stage and this is in fruiting. Variation in leaves is always there. Attached is flowering individual from Kedarnath area. Only thing to notice in the individual from Nepal is more than one flowers from same axis which is also common as you can see in the attached photo, right part.
1 high res. image

Thank you … Finally resolved after a long time !

Yes, that sounds good to me. I will say that Streptopus needs some taxonomic work. Those plants in eastern India in Arunachal and into SW China have larger flowers and longer peduncles. It could be variation, but they appear quite different.


Id required: 3 images- 1 very high res.
please check the attached images, it seems Disporum species to me.

Captured- Rudranath Uttarakhand from moist shaded places, amidst scrubs and shrubberies. 
Alt. 3400m asl.

Streptopus simplex D.Don !

Agree with the ID by …
Compare with Streptopus simplex in eFI and see Disporum in eFI for easy differentiation.