Galactia longiflora Arn. (syn: Galactia longiflora var. mollicoma Urb.);


Let me know the identity of this species.
Tephrosia sp.
Date- December2008
Location- Yerramalais, Altitude 700 Mt.
Habitat- Urban/ Wild
Plant Habit- Creeping herb
Leaves Size-Terminal leaflet- 45mm – 70 mm length; laterals – 30 to 50 mm length and 5-8 mm width
Fruit – 30-35 mm length and 5-6mm width

It is very difficult to reach a conclusion of Legume species or even genus without clear pictures, especially of flowers. 

So far, I haven’t come across a specie of Tephrosia that is creeping and has trifoliate leaves.
I would like to see pictures of flowers

It may be a Galactia species. The closest match I see is G. marginalis, a native to America.

It is Galactia longiflora Benth., not Tephrosia, quite common in Nellore district. The flowers are pinkish like Tephrosia purpurea flowers, but in lax racemes.  

This plant looks like Galactia tenuiflora (Willd.) Wight & Arn.

Thanks, … It is not Galactia tenuiflora as per images herein.
It has been identified as Galactia longiflora Benth. by …

I have identified based on linear leaflets, G tenuiflora leaflets are elliptic 5-9 x 2-4 cm, base obtuse, apex mucronate; 2. pod looks glabrousin G.longiflora pod is glabrous, where as in tenuiflora it is grey silky; in the abscence of flowers based on the two characters I have identified it as Galactia longiflora

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