Jaeschkea oligosperma Knobl., Bot. Centralbl. 60: 387 1894. ;




Pangi id al100111: Coming back to the Pangi flowers.. (there are still more to be id’d)

Location Pangi Valley, Himachal
Altitude 3000 mts
Habit Herb
Habitat wild
Plant Height 20 inches

Probably Aconitum sp.

I think this can be any member from Gentianaceae, may be Halenia.

Although I don’t see the spurs.. as in Halenia sp…. but then my knowledge is very limited…

What is the first pic about .I am not following

In a layman’s observation… the first photo shows what was inside the pod you see in the later photos.. (the pod like thing on the top of the flower)….

I think it would be better explained by the experts.. 🙂

It is a Gentianaceae member.

Appears to be Jaeschkea oligosperma as per FOI



Request for addition of Jaeschkea oligosperma in eflora of india

2 images. We don’t have a better image of Jaeschkea oligosperma

in eflora, please check. I am attaching the same. captured at Baderwah JK, altitude 3100m approx.



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