Acalypha indica ?;


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Wild plant seen near a water spring.

Acalypla Species?
Acalypha lanceolata?

Yes, looks like Acalypha species. 

The images of the flowers are not very clear, but from the shape of the bracts and the elongated styles, this indeed appears to be Acalypha lanceolata. However, I am not fully sure.

Thanks for suggested id.
Adding one more picture taken at the same place, which appears to be of the same plant.
Hope it helps in id.
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Thanks …, This last image is very similar to Acalypha fruticosa.

I find these images closer to Acalypha indica L. rather than those at Acalypha lanceolata Willd. 

May be so.

This plant seems to be either Acalypha indica or A. lanceolata. The differences are based on the number of female bracts in each inflorescence. In A. indica each inflorescence has 8 – 10 female bracts, whereas in A. lanceolata each inflorescence has 18 – 20 female bracts. Further, the female bracts are without gland-tipped hairs along margins in A. indica, whereas in A. lanceolata they are with gland-tipped hairs along the margins.

As this character is nor discernible in the photographs, I am not able to confirm the identity.
Please check for these characters in live plants.

Thanks a lot for your suggested id and explanation in detail.
I will remember to click more and better pictures if I revisit the place.