Andaman Is.; Bangladesh; Bismarck Archipelago; Borneo; Cambodia; Caroline Is.;
China Southeast; Christmas I.; Cocos (Keeling) Is.; Cook Is.; Fiji; Gilbert Is.;
Hainan; Hawaii; India; Jawa; Kazan-retto; Laccadive Is.; Lesser Sunda Is.; Line
Is.; Madagascar; Malaya; Maldives; Maluku; Marianas; Marshall Is.; Myanmar;
Nansei-shoto; Nauru; New Guinea; Nicobar Is.; Niue; Northern Territory;
Ogasawara-shoto; Philippines; Phoenix Is.; Pitcairn Is.; Queensland; Samoa;
Seychelles; Society Is.; South China Sea; Sri Lanka; Sulawesi; Sumatera; Taiwan;
Thailand; Tokelau-Manihiki; Tonga; Tuamotu; Vietnam; Wallis-Futuna Is.; Western
as per Catalogue of Life;

Erect, tufted perennials with short rhizome; culms 40-85 cm tall, obtusely trigonous, glaucous-green. Leaves many, 45-100 x 0.5-1.3 cm, linear, gradually acuminate, scabrid on margins and midrib, coriaceous, glaucous-green; sheaths 5-12 cm long, basal ones dark brown. Inflorescence large, compound, 7-15 x 8-20 cm; primary rays 6-12; leafy bracts 5-7, the lower ones much exceeding the corymb, the longest upto 70 cm long. Spikelets densely spicate, 4-7 x 1.5-3 mm, oblong-lanceolate, acute, straw-coloured. Glumes distichous, 2.5-3.5 x 2-2.5 mm, broadly ovate, apex acute, subcoriaceous, keel greenish, pale brown, margins white hyaline, basal 2 glumes empty. Stamens 3. Stigmas 3. Nut 1-1.5 x 0.5-1 mm, obovate, trigonous, black-brown.

Flowering and fruiting: Throughout the year
Marshy areas in degraded forests and mangrove forests, also in the plains
(from India Biodiversity Portal on 10.8.17)



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Please identify this grass from Kannur District of Kerala. It grows in large patches in paddy fields. Inflorescence is coriaceous and strong.

Cyperaceae member. 

Cyperus javanicus Houtt.




Nagla forest … part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Elevation range: sea level to about 600 ft asl … January 7, 2018
Found these clumps of grass near to mangroves. Will be glad if such long shot pictures provide any hints to genus level?
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It is not a grass genus, but a sedge belonging to family Cyperaceae

The plant is in vegetative condition, but looks like Cyperus javanicus.



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Location : Chera Deep, Saint Martin Island, Bangladesh
Fruiting : November
Photo taken : Nov, 2018

Attachments (1)- 7 mb   

Cyperus sp. 


Pl. check comparative images at 

Cyperus javanicus to me

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