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I can understand the flower comes under Stereospermum Genus.
But Species is difficult to find.
Attachment description:
It was not fragrant at all. The flower in attachment is brown and white. The flower attached does not fall under the below species.
Being one of the native species of Tamil Nadu most of them in nurseries, forest department are unaware.

Species 1:
I came to know Stereospermum chelonoides is Fragrant Padiri tree. Also the flowers of Stereospermum chelonoides is rose.

Species 2:

Pl. Check comparative images at Bignoniaceae page in efi site. 

I checked with Bignoniaceae efi site.
But none of the flowers are matching with mine.
All flowers shown at the site are either yellow or rose.
But the flowers attached by me are brown in color without fragrance.

I could also not find a match at comparative images at Bignoniaceae
Was it from cultivated plant?

Thanks for your interest and time.
It is not cultivated. 
I found in Murugan (Subramania – Son of Shiva) Temple at Vallakottai in Kanchipuram district near chennai.
The tree (Padiri or Pathiri in tamil) is skthala or sthala viriksham -the way of preserving trees.
It is one of the native trees of our land. Very less people have knowledge on this tree. I could not able to find another tree in the district itself.
But my mother told the flowers are fragrant and the juice from flower is dried and applied to forehead like kumkum.
I bought around 10 trees from Coimbatore and distributed to nearby places to conserve.

If post detailed pictures of the tree, possibly we can nail the I’d. 

That’s great. Let me try to add.

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