Secamone emetica ?

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Found in Yelagiri Hills of Easern ghats.
Structures over the surface of climber’s wood is very odd with lot of projections.

Another picture- 3 MB.

Secamone emetica

Could you pl. point out description where such ‘Structures over the surface of climber’s wood is very odd with lot of projections’ ?

Yes, it’s …


ID requested: Unid Climber/Liana (Sigur forests, Nilgiris, TN): 4 images.

This is from dry thorn forests.

I do not have flowers. Only a fruit, it seems.

Secamone emetica (Retz.) R.Br. ex Schultes ?

The foliage resembles the suggested ID. But fruit (follicle) is single here. It is a pair always. That is why the doubt.

Exystelma esculentum ?

I think fruit looks a bit different from images at Oxystelma esculentum

Yes, I agree with you. It was just a guess.

Sorry about the typo.

Could not find a match as per comparative images at Apocynaceae

Agree with …, most likely to be Secamone emetica

Are not the fruits look different?

Have not seen the fruit of Secamone but the leaves seem to match. Cant think of any other Apocynaceae with such narrow leaves.

Fruit look different as per GBIF– specimen

Secamone emetica has been reported before from the area (Sigur Plateau).

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