Gomphostemma ovatum Wall. ex Benth., Pl. Asiat. Rar. 2: 12 1830.?;
C. Nepal to Assam as per WCSP;


Plant for ID : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments(1).
Location : Tawi, Mizoram. Altitude : ca. 1,600 m. Date : 08-08-2012.
Habitat : Wild.. Habit : Herb.

It may be Gomphostemma (oblongum?) of Lamiaceae

Gomphostemma species so far in efi 

May I request you to pl. post the original images (and additional images, if you have) to see the details like calyx etc.
I am not satisfied with id of either Gomphostemma ovatum Wall. ex Benth. (GBIF) or Gomphostemma melissifolium Wall. ex Benth. (GBIF).
What are the other species mentioned in your AREA?

But detailed image are required for confirmation.


Plants from Northeast Tour 2017- Herb for id from Meghalaya : 10 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)
Please identify this very short herb (I think Acanthaceae) from forest shade near seven sisters falls, Cherrapunji,  Meghalaya..

Pl. also check with comparative images at Acanthaceae

it belongs to genus Gomphostemma

Thanks …, Gomphostemma seems quite convincing…!!

Thanks, …, for the initial id.

Pl. check with the following illustrations of species which may be found there as per ‎efi page on Gomphostemma:

Thanks a lot …, Gomphostemma lucidum?

I am not convinced. 

I think choice is between the following:

On further perusal of Flora of Bhutan, Nepal and China and GBIF specimens of all the species at Gomphostemma, I think closest I can go is Gomphostemma ovatum Wall. ex Benth., which is a 15-30 cm herb. Other species are much bigger or shrubs. Description given in Flora of Bhutan are reproduced below:

Ascending herb. Stems somewhat slender, 15-30cm, rooting near base only. Leaves ovate-elliptic, 8—12(—18) * 5—8(—9)cm, acute, base rounded to cuneate, margin crenate; upper surface with scattered, simple, appressed hairs; lower surface stellate; petiole 2—7cm. Verticillasters many-flowered. Outer bracts elliptic, +/- obtuse at apex. Calyx 10-12mm, stellate-tomentose; teeth narrowly triangular, c 5.5mm. Corolla pale yellow, 35—38mrn; tube e 25mm; upper lip entire. Nutlets 6 * 4mm.
Darjeeling: Ryang, Rangit River, Sitong, Rishap, Balasun. 610-l220m. July-August.
Two varieties have been recognised: var. ovatum (var. typica Prain nom. superfl.) and var. flaccidum Prain. Both are recorded from Darjeeling but only differ in the degree of hairyness.
I think also appears close to specimens at GBIF as per high resolution specimen (bracts may have fallen off). Corolla colour is creating doubt, but white colour variant is seen in so many species.
May I request … to pl. have a look.


MS,Nov.,2021/02 Gomphostemma sp. ? for id.: 3 images.
Location : Dampui-ngaw, Mizoram

Date : 24-08-2016
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Wild

Appears close to images at Gomphostemma ovatum Wall. ex Benth. ?, as per comparative images at Gomphostemma.
Any keys?

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