Recently I have started using my mobile as a computer for all efi related work except for editing efi site. It is as fast as working on computer. Thanks to almost free data with high speeds of 4G and with 1 Gb available every day with increasing competition due to incoming of Jio. This has certainly increased my productivity and I think of so many others. Now traveling time is not wasted. I am also able to utilize my time while commuting from home to office and back everyday. 

I see that our mobiles are certainly going to replace our computers in very near future.
I search and see comparative images etc. at efi site to help members in their Ids. It is easy to check them even on the mobile. We have certainly come a long way. 
Pl. also share your views for benefit of everybody. 

Very true …, with recent high speed good mobiles are easy to handle with both increased RAM and ROM. My wife was complaining about her laptop being very slow. Initially I was thinking of buying her a new laptop, but now I have decided to give her a larger screen mobile, good for her WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, net surfing and more importantly crisp pictures.. 

yes sir, technology has so advanced these days. All that is needed is to make good use of it. I also usually reply efl posts from my mobile unless I need to check some references. Infact I have Thinkpad X tablet, which can act as a mobile if needed and with internet, i even respond to my emails traveling in Laos which is supposedly not a very developed country.