Nymphoides balakrishnanii Biju P., Josekutty E. J. , Muhammed Haneef K. and Jomy Augustine, International Journal of Advanced Research (2016), Volume 4, Issue 7, 799-803;
India (Kerala) as per Catalogue of Life;



Nymphoides balakrishnanii from Kasaragod, kerala : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

I am hereby sending image of newly reported species Nymphoides balakrishnanii (Menyanthaceae) from Kasragod, 9/10/2017

Thanks, …, for the new addition. 


Nymphoides balakrishnanii sp. Nov. (menyanthaceae), a new species from the lateritic plateau of southern western ghats, IndiaBiju P. , Josekutty E. J. , Muhammed Haneef K. A and Jomy Augustine– International Journal of Advanced Research (2016), Volume 4, Issue 7, 799-803 (abstract-  A new species Nymphoides balakrishnanii, collected from seasonal pond in the Southern Western ghats, India is described and illustrated. The new species is related to the Nymphoides parvifolia in the habit, tetramerous flowers and tuberculate seeds but differs in broad wings and long hairs on the petals, oblique and introrse anthers, included stigma, bearded hypogynous glands and larger fruiting calyx)