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As we know Navendu ji, it certainly should be a wonderful book. 

Yes it is. He sent me a copy.

Thank you … for posting about the book on this forum.
Dear All,

As you already know, a few months back I came out with a booklet on endemic woody plants of the Western Ghats. This book is outcome of my Rufford funded project and partly an outcome of my PhD field work. It features 100 species of woody plants most of them endemic to the Western Ghats or to the wet evergreen forests of peninsular India and SriLanka. It is not designed as a field guide but more of a reference book that showcases what these species look like, where are they distributed, what are their diagnostic features and whats their conservation status. Here are a couple of links through which you can find out more about this book.
However, since this book was produced as an education and outreach material, those of you are interested in the content but doesn’t want to buy a copy can download the soft copy from this site.
This book has a few limitations which unfortunately came to my attention only after all the copies were printed. Other than these, if any of you notice any errors in the content or if you have any suggestions, please write to me so that I can rectify these in my subsequent work. I hope that you find this publication useful.

Thank you very much … for the information about this wonderful book.
Navendu ji, my appreciation and congratulations for this great work and best wishes for your future endeavors. 

Thanks a lot … for this useful post.. congratulations Navendu Ji for this useful resource book..

Is it possible to share the phenology details such as flowering season, fruiting and seeding season of the plants in your book.

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