Strobilanthes affinis (Griff.) Terao ex J.R.I. Wood & J.R. Benn., Kew Bull. 58: 134 2003. (syn: Adenosma affinis Griff.; Strobilanthes acrocephalus T. Anders.; Strobilanthes affinis (Griff.) Y.C.Tang (ambiguous synonym); Strobilanthes darrisii H. Lév.; Strobilanthes thirionni H. Lév.; Tarphochlamys affinis (Griff.) Bremek.; Tarphochlamys darrisii (Levl.) E. Hossain); 

China (Yunnan, Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan), Vietnam, NE-India, Myanmar [Burma]
(Mandalay), Nepal
as per Catalogue of Life;



MS Oct, 2018/06 Strobilanthes sp. fo Id : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Location : Lurh-tlang, Mizoram

Date : 03-10-2018
Habit : Herb ?
Habitat : Wild

This is Strobilanthes affinis (Griff.) J.R.I.Wood & J.R. Benn. (=Strobilanthes acrocephala T. Anderson) 



Fwd: Request for the identification : 14 posts by 1 author. 1 image.

Need your help for the identification of this plant.
strobilanthes ?

1 image.

I am puzzled by this. It  is certainly not Strobilanthes atropurpurea. The arrangement of the stamens looks odd for Strobilanthes (Although 2 long, 2 short is okay) though the habit and corolla shape seem okay. There are relatively few Strobilanthes with 4 exserted stamens. Are there more photos or is there a specimen available which could be photographed?

The situation hasn’t changed. I cannot recognise it. It may be Strobilanthes but I would like to see more photos or a photo of a dried specimen or, ideally, a specimen.

1 image

1 image

Based on the imbedded image from Sikkim below, I think it appears close to images at Strobilanthes cordifolia (Vahl) J. R. I. Wood (Images by A. Lalithamba (id by Mark Carine))
Pl. confirm.

Apologies, I do not recall providing a det for this plant? This really is John Wood’s area of expertise so I would follow his det.

Thanks, …,
Pl. see the detailed discussion at thread Stenosiphonium confertum Nees

Many thanks. S. cordifolia is a variable species in terms of pubescence. S. confertum was previously described from the Courtallus Hills for a densely pubescent form that woul match your plant but reliably differentiating taxa based on this character is not possible.

Thank you …,

The pubescence, leaf, bract are confusing to me. The image clarity is also not clear. Hence thank you for the clarifications. In our area it is abundant.

Thank you …, finally it is found different from Strobilanthes cordifolia 

It is not Strobilanthes cordifolia 

Thanks, …
But it seems to be highly variable species as can be seen from different set of images at Strobilanthes cordifolia (Vahl) J. R. I. Wood

I have now worked this out, having discovered it comes from Mizoram. It is Strobilanthes affinis (Griff.) J.R.I.  Wood & J.R.Benn. (=Strobilanthes acrocephela T. Anderson).

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