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The article is published in Phtotaxa,

Congrats, Biju ji and your team. 

Hearty congratulations to you Biju ji and to your team !!

Bisle Ghat Karnataka
Date: 15 NOV 2016 … Altitude range: ~ 956 – 139 m (3136 – 456 ft) asl
Strobilanthes ¿ species ? … (family: Acanthaceae) 
Dear friends,
Scandent shrub, about 4 – 5 ft high, and equally wide. The flowers about an inch long, arising from leaf axils, 5 – 6 mm across.
A beautiful sight to see flowers blooming all over the shrub at same time.
Hopefully, photos help in recognizing the species of Strobilanthes.

Pl. Check comparative images at EFI.

Might be Strobilanthes ciliata, but specimen or details of flowers and pollen needed for confirmation.

Thank you very much … and thanks to … for the most possible ID.

Will check the plant the next visit, though not in near future.

efi page on Strobilanthes ciliatus with images  

Thanks … … seconded Dr Wood’s thoughts. The posted plant is Strobilanthes ciliatus Nees

Forgot returning to this post; I have updated my notes in flickr.

Thanks, … Images looked a bit different to me.
But there may be some variations as two species were merged together as per details in efi site.

Yes …, I too thought so. I was of the impression that Wadi strobilanthes (Strobilanthes warreensis – synonym of Strobilanthes ciliatus)  was a small herb. Here, the posted plant is a much branched shrub, with slender woody branches. The flower here, seems longish.

Anurag has seen similar plants of Strobilanthes ciliatus.

The photograph looks quite different to S. ciliata that I am familiar with from further south – the corolla seems to be a different shape and the bracts are different. It would seem to be in that broad group but it would be helpful to see a specimen or to have details of seeds/ pollen if possible.
Are there any other photos? Is there a scale?
I can have a look in more details when I get a moment.

Thanks … for pursuing this query. Thanks to 

I recollect following (which I already stated when posting) …
Habit: Shrub, about 4 – 5 ft high, and equally wide, with slender wiry woody branches.
Flower: about 25 mm long, arising from leaf axils, 5 – 6 mm across.

May we have your views on this as you have recently published a closely related species. 

Thanks … for resurfacing this query. And I hope … helps us with his thoughts.

I too believe this posted Strobilanthes species for ID looks very much like / matches what Biju ji has shown in his post Strobilanthes jomyi, a new species reported from Kasaragod, Kerala.

Should we take it as Strobilanthes jomyi

Yes …, I am finding the aspects matching. I will label the pictures in flickr accordingly.

… images exactly matches with Strobilanthes jomyi. The type locality of this plant is Pandy, which is karnataka Kerala border, so that there is chances for extended distribution in Karnataka. I think … taken photos from Bistle ghat, which near to the type locality (60 km). So that we can consider it as Strobilanthes jomyi


I am sending one image herewith


Strobilanthes jomyi (Acanthaceae), a remarkable new species from South India (Abstract- A new species, Strobilanthes jomyi, is described and illustrated from Kerala, India. The new species is similar to S. ixiocephala in its spheroidal, echinulate pollen, but differs in its pendulous inflorescence, thinly hispid style, exserted stamens and 4-seeded capsule with entirely pubescent seeds. It is also similar to S. ciliata in the form of its inflorescence and exserted stamens and style, but differs in its ovate-elliptic leaves with crenate margin, hairy bracts and bracteoles, glandular-pubescent ovary and gland-tipped capsule, pubescent seeds and spheroidal, echinulate pollen. Its possible relationships are discussed based on its pollen and floral morphology.)