Daphne involucrata Wall., Asiat. Res. 13: 883 1820. (syn: Daphne composita var. szemaoensis Y.Y. Qian; Daphne involucrata Wall.; Daphne javanica Thunb.; Daphne longifolia Meissn.; Daphne montana (Bl.) Meissn.; Daphne pendula Sm.; Daphne wallichii Meissn.; Eriosolena composita (L.fil.) Merr.; Eriosolena involucrata (Wall.) van Tiegh.; Eriosolena longifolia Van Tiegh.; Eriosolena montana Blume; Eriosolena pendula (Sm.) Bl. ex Lecomte; Eriosolena wallichii Meissn.; Scopolia composita L.fil.; Scopolia involucrata (Wall.) C. A. Mey.; Scopolia pendula Raf.);  

Peninsular Malaysia (Perak, Pahang, Selangor, Melaka), W-Java, Malaysia, India,
Vietnam, Sumatra, Borneo, China (S-Yunnan), Myanmar [Burma] (Chin, Mon,
Bhutan, Darjeeling, Laos, Thailand
as per Catalogue of Life;




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Request for identification of a shrub if some one familiar with it.
Photographed in Meghalaya in Dec 2017; alt. about 930 msl
Small shrub with alternate leaves. Infl axillary, enclosing six flowers each, protected by a dark pink bract.
Flowers light pink, beautifully fragrant. Petals 4, stamens 4.

I think it is a Daphne sp. 

It belongs to genus Daphne of Thymelaeaceae. Sp. should be checked for D. papyracea or involucrate

Daphne papyracea ??

Looks like a Daphne sp. 

Could you nail down the final I’d?

It appears close to Daphne involucrata, especially after seeing some herbarium sheets of kew digital herbarium. 
Haven’t seen the photos of this spp on other sites yet.

This is identified as Daphne involucrata as matched from Kew digital herbarium. 


Catalogue of Life  The Plant List Ver.1.1 (Daphne involucrata Wall.- Unresolved)  Tropicos (Daphne composita (L. f.) Gilg )  GBIF (with type specimen) Bhutan Biodiversity Portal  PFAF  Useful Tropical Plants