Impatiens campanulata Wight, Madras J. Lit. Sci. 5: 11 1837. ;
India: Southern W. Ghats from the Nilgiris, Anamalai and Pulney hills at an altitude of 1,800 – 2,200 m in moist woods. Tamil Nadu and Kerala as per BSI Flora of India;
Common name: Bellflower Balsam • Malayalam: Thottachinungi

Perennial herbs, about 1-1.5 cm tall. Stems erect, robust, sparsely branched, glabrous. Leaves alternate, lanceolate-ovate to elliptic, about 7-15 x 4-8 cm across, base cuneate or acute, margins crenate-serrate, crenatures ciliate, apex shallow acuminate, lateral veins about 5-8 on either side of the midrib, green above and paler beneath, minutely pubescent both above and beneath, petiole about 2.5-5 cm long, eglandular, exstipulate. Inflorescence resupinate, axillary, in the upper parts of the plant, sub-umbellate, 3-4 flowered, usually glabrous. Flowers bisexual, zygomorphic, about 2.5 cm across, pedicel erect, stout, about 5-8 cm long, bracts lanceolate-ovate, caducous, about 13 mm long, sepals 3, imbricate, 2 lateral ones flat, small, ovate, apex acuminate, glabrous, posterior sepal (Lip) large, petaloid, bowel like, cymbiform, with a broad mouth, about 8 x 11 mm across, with purplish streaks, spurred, spur constricted at the junction of the lip, short, petals 5, free, yellow or creamish white, upper standard petal, keeled or cucullate backwards, greenish, orbicular, apex apiculate, lateral ones (wings or alae), basal lobes obovate, small, distal lobes hatchet shaped, terminal one protruted, dorsal auricle obtuse, greenish yellow. Stamens 5, alternating with petals, anthers bi-locular, 4 colpate, white. Ovary 5 locular. Fruit indehiscent, capsule, ovoid or ellipsoid, both ends attentuate, swollen in the middle, loculicidally dehiscing by 5 valves, springing away elastically from axis, glabrous. Seeds 12-28, globose or oval, brown, covered with short papillae, and clustered in the end.
Moist evergreen forests of Pulneys, Nilgiris, Anamalai and Idukki mountains of Southern Western Ghats, altitude about 1800-2200 m.
Asia: India, Nepal.

(Attributions- Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India. Kailash, B. R., ATREE, Bangalore, India. Royal Norwegian Embassy grants. Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN), Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi from India Biodiversity Portal)

Impatiens campanulata ?? at Munnar- PKA-21 : 9 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (5)

Seen this herb at Shola Forest near Munnar.
Bot. name:  Impatiens campanulata ?? (Pl. validate the ID)

Family: Balsaminaceae

I guess it is correct ID. Thank you for beautiful post.

You have found some amazing flowers and mushrooms in the forest near Munnar. Enjoyed all your posts.

To me also appear close to images at




Impatiens campanulata Wight Family : Balsaminaceae : 4 posts by 3 authors. 2 images.

Location- Munnar

Habitat-   Wild, Evergreen forests.

Plant Habit – Shrub

Height/Length- About 3 ft tall

Note : Endemic to Southern Western Ghats

Altitude : about 5000 ft.

Impatiens campanulata Wight

I am … and I had posted some species of impatiens like Impatiens fruticosa, Impatiens campanulata, Impatiens munronii etc.  No where I saw the image credits like the other species depicted. I will be glad if you could do that.

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Initially we started like that. But as we have more than 300000 images, it was not possible to do that with our limited resources. However, we insert the discussion links below the images, where details of poster is available.

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No. issue. I just noticed it so I thought of mentioning it to you. Nothing else.  How are things otherwise.

You are doing a great job my friend. Really Amazing.  Two flora Books for Anamalais were released last year and

I am one of the co-authors. It was published by the Anamalai Tiger Reserve


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