Cyperus subsquarrosus (Muhl.) Bauters (syn: ………..   Lipocarpha micrantha (Vahl) G.C.Tucker; ………….) ?;



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Plant name: Lipocarpha micrantha (Vahl) G. C. Tucker, J. Arnold Arbor. 68: 410. 1987. Smallflower halfchaff sedge, small flowered dwarf bulrush (Eng.) 

Family: Cyperaceae


Herbs, annuals, culms 5-20 cm tall, cylindrical. Leaves 1.5–10 cm long.  Spikes  appears to come from one side of the stem as the bract looks like an extension of the stem; bract 2–5 cm × 1mm; spikes 1–2, ovoid, 3-5 × 2-3 mm. Spikelets 1-2mm; floral scales 2; first scale reddish brown, with green midvein, obovate, widest at or distal to mid length; second scale 2-fid, sometimes absent. Stamen1. Stigmas 2. Achenes broadly ellipsoid covered with scales.


Photographed at Vedurupattu.

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But none of the following shows any distribution in India :
Also I could not find any record of it in India, on searching net.
Pl. clarify.

Please compare the images, it may be an exotic might have entered as contaminant may not be reported by any one India