Cyperus platyphyllus Roem. & Schult., Syst. Veg. 2: 876 1817. (syn: Cyperus elatus Roxb. [Illegitimate]; Cyperus eminens Klein ex Kunth; Cyperus fastigiatus Vahl [Illegitimate]; Cyperus latifolius (Willd.) M.R.Almeida [Illegitimate]; Cyperus maximus Roxb. ex Nees; Cyperus roxburghii Nees [Illegitimate]; Papyrus latifolius Willd.);

S. India, Sri Lanka as per WCSP;


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I collected this plant long back at Pulicat back waters near Kothapatnam village in Nellore district. The entire plant is lost.
Plant name: Cyperus platyphyllus Roem. & Schult.,SySt. 2: 876. 1817; 

Family: Cyperaceae
Description: Perennial rhizomatous herbs; culms 1.5-2 m tall, stout, 3-angled, smooth, basally with leaves. Leaves nearly as long as culm; sheath purplish brown; leaf blade 3cm wide, margin scabrous. Involucral bracts 3-6, basal ones longer than inflorescence. Inflorescence a compound  anthela; to 30cm long; involucral bracts 5, 2 lower ones much surpassing the anthelia; the lowest to 100cm long, to 3cm wide; rays 10, 20-30 cm, Spikes linear, cyllindric; spikelets crowded, erect-patent, linear to 8mm long, .
Habitat & location: Rare, found in lakes near sea shore.