Nymphaea marliacea Hort. Latour-Marliac var. rosea;
USA (introduced) (Missouri (introduced)) as per Catalogue of Life;

Nymphaeae Renegeraro:
Nymphaeae Renegeraro
Fam: Nymphaeaceae

Bangalore, Lal Bagh
May 2011

Such a pleasing colour–no wonder it is a flower symbolising peace

What is this Renegeraro ? I could not find any match on the net.

Me too, Earlier I thought this could be new name given by the Lalbagh botanists, as they do for many new plant hybrids.  Pls do check this attached photo for the species name  -as written on giant lotus pot.

I hope it is a cultivar Nymphaea ‘Rene Gerard’, the hardy water lily whose name has been misrepresented in the garden

On second thought I also realised that this plant actually doesnt match with the images of Nymphaea ‘Rene Gerard’, available on the net. I am not sure if what I am looking at at authentic websites on google.
Infact the flower color matches better with Nymphaea ‘Peach Glow’.

Yes,  SIgns!!!    this happens when non -english learned sign painters paint the signs… I see this sometimes in our local events …

This is Nymphea Rene Gerard .. a hardy water lily, introduced in 1914 by a lily hybridizer named  Latour – Marliac  who used to supply unfertile seed bearing plants to high end garden owners of Europe, including his supplies stocked the water lilly ponds in Monet’s garden… which we all love the paintings of….
Who did Latour-marliac  name this hybrid for is not known at this time, its definitely not the linguist of the same name who was not born until the year 1927 or 28… and this cultivar had already been offered in Latour –
marliac’s 1914 catalogue….  This man was a very secretive hybridizer….

.., you  may be right… I did some search about history of Nymphaea hybridization starting in 1800s …
not found  the peach color for Nymphaea Rene Gerard……..
And  there is a peach glow variety photographed at Brooklyn Botanical garden … see URl:
BUT  currently  Thailand is a hot spot for hybridization of water lilies it seems … and these are brought in regularly … its possible… a  new hybrid with peach color… can happen…
or in a less charitable mood..one could say that  …  this was mislabeled by the gardeners… 

I find it more closer to images of Nymphaea marliacea var. rosea at Aquatic Plants of India – National Biodiversity Authority (pdf- 10 MB)


Nymphaea ‘Rene Gerard’ photo painted on ceramic tiles:
Got this Nymphaea ‘Rene Gerard’  photo painted on ceramic tiles (with the background trimmed) from one of my Pune relative. Well,  these color shades are in scarcity. One need to  order and wait for a week.
Painting by Mangala Habbu, Pune, Date: 8th Jul 2011

Thats really enthusiastic. Thanks for sharing.
But I am still of the intuition that this is not Rene Gerard :).

I find it more closer to images of Nymphaea marliacea var. rosea at Aquatic Plants of India – National Biodiversity Authority (pdf- 10 MB)
Images of Nymphaea ‘Rene Gerard’ as below look different:

Mumbai, MH :: Nymphaea for ID :: ARK2019-119 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
Attached are 2 Nymphaea pics, one from Dattaji Salvi Udyan, Thane, MH clicked in March 2015 and the other from MNPark, Mumbai, MH in March 2014.
They both look similar.
There are 2 similar flowers posted on efi, one has been identified as N. marliacea var. rosea and a colour variation posted by … has been identified as Nymphaeae Marliacea Chromatella.
Requested to please ID them, if possible, maybe the pics aren’t enough to ID.

I think close to Nymphaea marliacea var. rosea as per comparative images at Nymphaea