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I had gone through the Boerhavia page, nice compilation, i would like to add Boerhavia repens, I have collected from Udayagiri of Nellore district;

the plant branches are very long than B.diffusa; it is fleshy, viscid and sticky; the flowers are relatively larger than B.diffusa, stamens 4 only while in B.diffusa stamens are 5.

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But there is a lot of taxonomic confusion here.
Confusion is evident from:  
2. Pl. see Flora of Pakistan for sketchy details (Boerhavia procumbens Banks ex Roxb. mentioned here is a synonym for Boerhavia repens subsp. repens as per per latest scrutiny in Catalogue of Life with no distribution shown in India or Pakistan. Further Boerhavia diandra L. mentioned here is a synonym for Boerhavia repens subsp. diandra (L.) Maire & Weiller with no distribution shown in India or Pakistan)
3. Flora of China says “Boerhavia coccinea, B. diffusa, and B. repens have been much confused. This is partly because of problems with typification: the type collection of B. repens, in particular, is very far from adequate, partly because the boundaries between these rather plastic weeds are not as clearly defined as one would like them to be. It is worth noting that as early as 1849, Choisy noted five different usages of B. diffusa. Published records from China need to be treated with caution. A record of the Indian species B. crispa Heyne ex J. D. Hooker from Taiwan seems to be based on a misidentification.”
As per latest scrutiny by Catalogue of Life, Boerhavia repens L. has no distribution in our area.

WCSP has still not taken up this family as per

Thank you … I have identified it after reading all the literature cited by you, but the specimen is different from Boerhavia diffusa, that is sure

I think fruit is the key character. It is not very clear to me in your images.
Pl. decide based on that as per ?

Reply from another thread: 

I had gone through the article; 2 points are not coinciding; 1.number of stamens (2-3 as per the article); 2 the plant is very sticky, boerhavia diffusa is not sticky; the pod shape is also not coinciding with B.diffusa; some species need further taxonomic revision

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