Hymenocallis speciosa (L.f. ex Salisb.) Salisb., Trans. Hort. Soc. London 1: 340 1812. (syn: Hymenocallis erosa Salisb.; Hymenocallis speciosa var. angustifolia Herb.; Hymenocallis speciosa var. humilis Herb.; Hymenocallis speciosa var. longipetiolata Herb., not validly publ.; Nemepiodon speciosum (L.f. ex Salisb.) Raf.; Pancratium formosum M.Roem.; Pancratium speciosum L.f. ex Salisb.) ?;

Bahamas; Cuba; Windward Is. as per Catalogue of Life ;

Plant name: Hymenocallis  harrisiana Herb., Edwards’s Bot. Reg. 26(Misc.): 35 1840.
Family: Amaryllidaceae
Common names: Peruvian Daffodil, Spider Lily, Basket Flower, Summer Daffodil, Spider Flower
Description: Bulbous herbs; the entire plant is up to 45cm in height.
The simple leaves are basal, coriaceous with entire margins. The flowers are white funnel-shaped; tri-merous, the inter-staminal member is thin and white. Stamens 6. The plants produce loculicidal capsules.
It is a native of Mexico. Cultivated as an ornamental.

May I have your views in the matter Pl. 

Based on the characters I have identified it as Hymenocallis harrisiana, the tuber was gifted to me, it is the flowering.

Thanks, …  But does not match with images at http://pacificbulbsociety.org/pbswiki/index.php/Hymenocallis

Also we have no identified posting in efi site so far on this. 

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