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Notion Press Proudly Presents

Nandanom, The Garden of Gods

A narrational odyssey on sacred plants


P.N. Ravindran


Prof. MS Swaminathan FRS (the greatest agricultural scientist of India and a great social reformist, ranked along with Gandhiji and Tagore by the Time Magazine), writes on this book:

 “ Nandanom the Garden of Gods should be read by all Indians to get an insight into their own socio-cultural moorings. This book will tell us how trees were held sacred, how they are to be planted, protected and worshipped and the benefits that people derive out of such tree planting and worship. All such practices were covered in the veil of religious ceremonies, in order to impress people and make them follow what was written in the scriptures….Books like this may provide an impetus to the people to read and assimilate the cultural ethos behind the love of forests and trees and may provide new initiatives for their conservation…………….

I congratulate Dr Ravindran for this narrative on sacred plants; it is a veritable mine of information that is not easy to find elsewhere…..I recommend this valuable book to all those who love nature, plants, and groves and especially to the tree lovers of India and abroad.”

Available from the publisher: Print version from Notion Press, Chennai; Amazon and Flipkart,  Kindle version from Amazon.


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