Premna esculenta Roxb., Fl. Ind. ed. 1832 3: 81 1832. (syn: Gumira esculenta (Roxb.) Kuntze);

Assam to Thailand as per WCSP;

Assam; Bangladesh; Myanmar; Thailand as per Catalogue of Life;

Shrub about 6-8 ft tall. Short stemmed glabrous, branches and branchlets slender, obtusely quadrangular, furrowed, glabrous when mature, nodes annulate. Leaves simple, opposite, elliptic-lanceolate, obovate-elliptic, 6-16 x 3-8 cm across, base acute or cuneate, margins serrate dentate, apex acuminate, chartaceous, dark green, glabrous above, slightly paler yellowish pubescent beneath when young, glabrous when mature, lateral veins 4-7 on either side of the midvein, ascending, arcuate, veins impressed above and prominent beneath, petiole slender, stout, quadrangular, glabrous, canaliculated about 0.4-0.7 cm long, exstipulate. Inflorescence axillary, terminal corymbs, composed of 4-8 opposite cymes, pubescent, about 4 x 6 cm across, peduncles quadrangular, 1-2 cm long, bracts subulate or linear, about 3-4 mm long. Flowers bisexual, many, greenish yellow, cream white, pedicels about 3 mm long, calyx cupular, 5 toothed, teeth obtuse, apex acute, pubescent outside, about 3 x 3 mm across, corolla infundibular, 4 lobed, 2 lipped, white, lobes ovate to oblong, apex obtuse, 3 x 2 mm across, corolla tube narrow, densely pubescent at the throat, glabrous outside, about 3-4 mm long, stamens 4, didynamous, slightly exserted, filaments glabrous, filiform, about 1.5-2.5 mm long, anthers globose, 2 loculed, about 0.5 mm long, ovary obovoid or subglobose, about 1 x 1.5 mm across, style slender, filiform, about 2.5 mm long, stigma bi-lobed. Fruit drupaceous, obovoid, about 3 mm in diameter, smooth, purple, fruiting calyx cupular, 5 lobed, membranous.

Deciduous forests.
Local Distribution: Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Mizoram, Tamil Nadu, Tripura, West Bengal. Global Distribution: Asia: Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Thailand.

  • Ganeshaiah, K. N., UAS, Bangalore, India. Kailash, B. R., UAS & ATREE, Bangalore, India. Indian Bioresource Information Network (IBIN), Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi, India from India Biodiversity Portal)

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    MS Sept.,2017/01 Premna or Viburnum for ID : 9 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

    Location : Hlimen
    Date : 29-04-2017
    Habit :Shrub or Undershrub
    Habitat : Wild
    Mizo name : Leidum or Vawngser

    Appears to be Premna, but images of close ups of flowers and fruits are required.  

    It is Premna esculenta Roxb.

    It’s Premna esculenta. And the Mizo name is Lei-dum

    May I request you to pl. send close up of fruits to see the calyx.

    Thanks, … To me also appear close to images of Premna esculenta at



    Premna esculenta taken on 26/05/2018

    1 image.





    SK552 08 JUN-2017:ID : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)

    Location: 12 Mile, Kalimpong, India
    Date: 23 May  2017
    Altitude: 4000 ft.


    Very vague to guess for me, however, can I take chance with Premna integrifolia L. ???

    efi page on Premna serratifolia (syn: Premna integrifolia L.)
    Premna species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available on net)

    Can it be Premna integrifolia ?

    Does not matches with images at Premna serratifolia L.

    Looks like matching with P. integrifolia.

    The plant list says P. serratifolia is synonym of P. integrifolia.
    But does not look like matching with P. serratifolia.
    Calyx look much different from images given at my stated link: Premna serratifolia L.

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