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Location: Soureni, India
Date: 7 May 2018
Altitude: 4000 ft.
Habit : Wild
Machilus odoratissima Nees ??

Can it be Persea americana Mill. as per images herein ?

I guess it is Lauraceae ! May be Litsea or Persia  ! 

Pl. check with images at Litsea monopetala (Roxb.) Pers.

I am also thinking this is Litsea monopetala 

It is not !

it could be litsea, need to go through local floras, 

Check once with Combretaceae

Did not find a real match.

Did you try Beilschmeidia?

Not satisfied with L. monopetala. It has broad leaf with ovate apex. Here Leaf and fruit looks different.

Beilschmiedia brandisii Hook.f. ??

I think it looks different as per GBIFspecimen.

OK …!

I feel that this is near B. sikkimensis.

Thanks, … Fruit attachment looks different as per GBIFSpecimen.
I think fruit attachment takes me more towards Litsea.
There are many species listed in the Checklist of Nepal.

In that case please consult specialists in Litsea such as Drs. R. Kr. Singh and A. J. Robi.

Can it be Alseodaphne species as per fruit attachment as at Request for Identifying a native tree species ?

Does not look like  !

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