Gardenia thunbergia Thunb., Diss. Gard. 13 1780. (syn: Caquepiria bergkia J.F.Gmel. ; Gardenia appendiculata Stokes; Gardenia crassicaulis Salisb., nom. illeg.; Gardenia macrocarpa Carey ex Voigt; Gardenia medicinalis Vahl ex Schumach. & Thonn.; Gardenia speciosa Salisb., nom. illeg.; Gardenia verticillata Lam., nom. illeg.; Genipa thunbergia (Thunb.) Baill.; Warneria thunbergia (Thunb.) Stuntz, genus not validly publ.);
Cape Provinces; KwaZulu-Natal; Mozambique; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;

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Please ID this small tree with white flowers. Photo was taken in Sri Lanka in Nov 2011.

cant really make out the details of the flowers

Appears to be some Jasminum species.
I could not find a match as per comparative images at Jasminum

The reproductive whorl is androgynophore. They form single unit, if so it may not be Jasminum. I think more characters are required to come to a conclusion.
I haven’t come across this plant yet.

To it looks like some species of Tabernemontana; may be Tabernemontana gambleii

Appears to be Gardenia sp.

Pl check for Gardenia taitensis.

To me also seems to be Gardenia Species.

Gardenia tubifera var. ?

I do not think matches with images at

Gardenia jasminoides

… is Gardenia thunbergia Thunb. cultivated in Sri Lanka?
It looks like !

Thanks, …, for the id.

Yes, appears close to Gardenia thunbergia as per
Looks different from Gardenia jasminoides as per images and details herein.