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As you all know I am in the process of documenting butterfly species visiting different flowers. I am doing it for last 12 years.It all started on the Chandan tree ( Santalum album ) in our house. I just started taking images of different species of butterflies visiting the flowers. The album was increasing in size. I thought I will do the same thing with other flowers .

So far I have recorded butterfly visitors on 2015 flower species. I don’t consider it to be complete list, as I worked only two hours in the morning. There has to be more number of butterflies visiting a particular flower species when I was not around. I don’t know why a particular butterfly species get attracted to particular  flower species.
In the attached list there are 48 plant species with number of butterfly species visiting those. I have only taken those flowers where number of visiting species of butterfly are more than 10.
It is interesting to note that flowers like rose, sun flower has not made the cut.