Chlorophytum sharmae Adsul, Lekhak & S.R.Yadav, Kew Bulletin, 69:9503, June,2014; 


Chlorophytum sp. at Munnar-PKA50 : 8 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)

This herb (Chlorophytum sp.) was seen at Eravikulam National Park, Munnar.
Chlorophytum malabaricum has been reported from this region.
Kindly have a look at these pics for ID..

I guess it is matching !

I am not sure but it may be a Chlorophytum sharmae Adsul, Lekhak & S. R. Yadav. 

Yes, I confirm. Chlorophytum species

Above photographs are Chlorophytum sharmae. Type locality of the species is also same Iddukki district.


Chlorophytum sharmae (Asparagaceae): a new species from Kerala, India (Summary-   A new species of Chlorophytum, C. sharmae from the southern Western Ghats of India is described and illustrated here. It is similar to C. glaucum Dalzell but differs by its narrow, linear leaves with serrulate margins, large flowers, smooth filaments and apiculate anthers shorter than filaments. The chromosome number (2n) of the species is 42)

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