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Location:  Dahachowk, Switzerland Park, Kathmandu, Nepal 
Date: 29 September 2018
Elevation: 5800 ft.
Habit : Wild 
Looks like Epiphyte !


I have no idea since there was no indication at all. However, the plant was found attached to a big tree.

Any idea about the genus ?
Ficus ? Piper ?

It is a Ficus

More images on 23 June 2020! ID not yet !
2 very high res. images.

Is it some Ficus species?

Ficus laevis Blume. ??

I think petiole size looks small as per images at
Pl. check
It may be possible.

I think it is different, … Leaf pattern does not look like a matching !.

Habit is matching.

To me, leaf patterns etc. also seem matching.

Let me visit the location and look for fruiting images !

It looks different from Ficus sp. There is no milky sap.
Images shot today ! It looks like an epiphyte or parasitic plant.
2 high res. images.

Ficus does not have milky sap.

From google : The leaves and stems of ficus produce a milky sap containing compounds that will upset your cat’s stomach and irritate its skin. Since cats tend to chew on houseplants, do your best to keep Milo’s paws far, far away from your ficus plant.

The leaf is some what looks like Aganosma sps… Which produces milky latex

Aganosma dichotoma

Some descriptions look different. Leaf size I have collected is 35 x 14 cm (Very Large) and it did not produce sap when I cut the branch. I have followed this for a couple of years but it never seen flowered.
FoI : Leaves are 10-12 x 5 cm, leathery, base rounded or somewhat heart-shaped, nerves strong beneath and all running towards the point.
Can you suggest me the flowering phenology ?

Also I think there is no distribution of Aganosma dichotoma in Nepal. 

Not sure (no flowers or fruits) but, it should be and close to Premna coriacea C.B.Clarke

We have only Premna scandens Roxb. (Syn: Premna coriacea var. oblonga C.B.Clarke ).

I  guess it looks different. This plant is epiphyte and scandent. Elevation and leafing
patterns look different.
I had tried a few years for flowers but not yet been successful, but I shall keep on trying.