Stemona tuberosa var. minor (Hook.f.) C.E.C.Fisch., Fl. Madras 1514 1928. (syn: Stemona minor Hook.f.);

S. & E. India as per WCSP;



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I wish to add a plant to the group,
Name of the plant : Stemona tuberosa Lour.,Fl. Cochinch. 404 1790

Family : Stemonaceae

Photographed at Seshachalam hills (Tirupati hills)

Than you very much for this addition to eFI.

It is a completely new species, genus and family for eFI.
Now needs creation of new page as family Stemonaceae Caruel, genus Stemona Lour.
We are enriching… 

I think it should be Stemona tuberosa var. minor as per
Thanks, …, for the wonderful addition.

It is Stemona tuberosa only not minor, it is also identified by …, it is collected for him only.

Thanks, …, Do you have differences between the two varieties ?
I am unable to find one except for the distribution.

Here it is the description:
Stemona tuberosa var. minor (Hook.f.) C.E.C.Fisch
Stems twining; roots tuberous. Leaves simple, opposite, ovate-lanceolate, base with rounded, apex not caudate; 7 ribbed, petioles up to 10cm long. Flowers large (in S.minor flowers never exceed 2.5 cm) in our collection flowers almost 4-5 cm across; perianth lobes 4, greenish with purple veins, acuminate, but some are more puplish. Stamens 4, large, stout, purplish. Capsule oblong ovoid, upto 4 cm long. (Leaf characters are similar to that of Stemona tuberosa var. minor). So we must accept it as Stemona tuberosa var. minor.