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By now everyone knows I am not a trained botanist. 
Someone has asked for my sources. I will list them now so that people looking to identify plants in the US can access. 
The first is also known as The National Gardening Association (totally free to join and there is a forum to request ID). My name on is greene.
The next is Dave’s Garden (one can join for free but in order to access the entire site there is a fee which I refuse to pay). 
For wildflowers or plants referred to as weeds, I often use 
For wild edibles I trust Green Deane, his website is 
Another is 
I hope I have typed these correctly I use several other sources but those are the main ones. 
There are also plant keys that can be used; some of them cost money which again I refuse to pay. 
If there is a decent photo I use ‘search Google for this image’ then do further research to narrow down the ID. 
For the currently accepted botanical name, I use The Catalogue of  Life
and also double check with The Plant List.
When someone shows images and requests an ID, all we can do is offer suggestions. It is up to the person who took the photos to compare our suggestions to the plant that they photographed.
I am very tired and hope my message makes sense. Thank you.

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