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It is climber from Rajnagar, Kumarghat, Tripura
Please identify

Is it really a climber ?
I feel it may be some Albizia species rather than an Acacia, if it is a tree. 

Seems to be Acacia torta.

The original post says that the plant was found to be a climber.  The images are hardly comparable to the climbing Acacias (pennata group).

As thought by …, this is likely to be some speies of Albizia.
This post is an example as to how an imperfect upload leads on to confusions rather than solutions.
Hope, our members will avoid uploading such incomplete images.  Some uploads even contain photographs of sterile plant parts which should be discouraged. 

Please send a habit photo. 

I fully concur with …

Pl. clarify if it was really a climber? 

It is a climber about 5 meters going without support and then it gets support from a big tree.
It is identified by a member as Acacia torta.

It does not matches with images of Senegalia torta
May be some other Senegalia species. Pl. check comparative images herein.