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Plant seen at the garden. Height was approx 8-10 feet.
Seems to be Abelmoschus Species.

This has been identified as Okra on their Planthotline.

The calyx looks different to me than Okra.
Looks closer to Abelmoschus manihot.

Please, there are about 96 different types of Okra; which one? Can we see more images, please?

Okra was suggested on their Planthotline.
I can add more pictures.
Let me know which parts you would like to see

Let me try posting few more images.

Here are some more images. Hope they help.
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I really do not know the correct ID. The leaves are always too variable. You can try looking Abelmoschus caillei, or A. manihot subsp. tetraphyllus as has already been suggested. There is one known as Sunset Hibiscus, the seeds of which came from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and were most likely brought to America from Aftrica.

I forgot to add: my plant friend Nan Ondra wrote about A. manihot. There are two photos which show how variable the leaves are.

Thanks … Also for the link provided. Hope some experts look into it.

This has been identified as Clemson’s Spineless Okra, a Heirloom variety by the ABG.
Looks convincing to me.
Your expert views please.

this is our regular bhindi. in usa we call it heirloom because it s the same/ or little changed since brought over from africa and or asia

To me foliage looks different as per

Yes, it was cultivated.