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This is from Rajnagar, Kumarghat, Tripura
Only fruits are available and leaves are not seen but my collector says, there is spine in the stem.
Here is a picture of the underground tuber is attached
Please identify

I guess correct ID.

Leaves look different from images at Dioscorea hispida
Also does not match with any of the existing species at efi site so far as per comparative images at Dioscorea

I am not seeing any pictures of leaves in this post. I am saying in context of your comment “Leaves look different …”.
Perhaps you are referring to the string of fruits. Picture of leaves would have helped in ID.
Those familiar with Dioscorea tubers will certainly help.

No leaf, no flower, fruit also doesn’t match with dioscorea hispida

Any match ?

Yes, possible (Dioscorea hispida), but difficult to confirm without leaves.