Monodora myristica (Gaertn.) Dunal, Monogr. Anonac. 80 1817. (syn: Annona myristica Gaertn.; Monodora borealis G. Elliot; Monodora claessensii De Wild.; Monodora unwinii Hutch. & Dalziel);
The calabash nutmeg tree grows naturally in evergreen forests from Liberia to Nigeria and Cameroon, Ghana, Angola and also Uganda and west Kenya.[4]  as per Wikipedia;


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Picture send by my friend

Place : Alipur horticultural garden, Kolkata
Date : 14 February 2019

Its Monodora grandiflora


Care for growing Monodora grandiflora sapling:

I am interested to grow a Monodora grandiflora sapling in my garden. Here temperature varies from 5 °C to 42 °C. I have been looking for some information to grow it successfully, specially about its soil, water, sunlight and environment requirements.
If any knowledgeable person kindly help me with some proper information, I would really appreciate it.

Hope you should help me in this regard.

In North Eastern conditions it can be grown. It has been grown in Kolkata Botanical Garden.  Check these links for how to grow from seeds :

Pl. see more details at Monodora myristica
I think you are talking of this tree.
M. grandiflora is a syn. of M. undulata as per POWO.

Yes. You are right. Thanks a lot for updating the species name

I need information on how to care and maintain Monodora grandiflora plants. I have a sapling. So let me know about its soil, water and sunlight requirements, and whether it prefers full sun or semi shade or only morning sun etc.

Pl. check at BSI, Howrah or AHSI at Alipore, Kolkata.

But I live far away from Kolkata, and they don’t respond to emails seeking help for growing plants etc. So I am looking for help from any knowledgeable person.