Strobilanthes lupulina ?;


Another Karvi like in Matheran : 9 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)- around 1300 kb each.

Please help identify shrub in attached pictures. The shrub along with few other species occupied both sides of small hill roads. Special thing to note that they were growing in very shady area. Leaves are wooly, hairy. When leaf pressed, can feel it’s thickness, feel spongyness like that of spongy and think coating of new electronic devices. Texture of leaf is very unique, has raised thick rectangles formed by veins, as in attached pictures.
Location: Matheran
Date: Mid December 2018
Seems the attached pictures are matching with  Strobilanthes lupulinus  as per my post by Dinesh Ji,  if compared with prominent dentated, finely wavy margin, leaf shape and colour, hairs,  raised thick rectangles formed by veins . No flowers found for comparison.
Please provide input regarding identification.

Attaching one more picture of closeup of leaf texture. Attachments (1) – 1 Mb.

yes it could be. Another possibility is Strobilanthesixiocephala Benth. I am looking at the white woolly stems which stand out when the plants are young. This is another common Strobilanthes which is commonly found in shady places.

Thank you so much … Was searching match since your answering post. But could not arrive to conclusion beside many search and comparisons. Please inform few book names which has information of these species in Western Ghats. Do British Flora of India Volume-1 and Volume-2 has this?  I have ‘Jungle Trees of Central India’ which does not have these species information. Please let me spend some more time so that can report morphology as much detail as possible.  When you specially mentioned that they are shade loving, i got more interested if they can be grown indoor. Now days only money plants, areca palm other non-indigenous are grown widely as indoor. May be Strobilanthes can be replaced with them. Looks very beautiful and soft.

I am not able to recognize the species of the posted plant, …
I know only few karvi plants, from their – flowers, along with habit and habitat.
Most of the flora are found recorded in THE FLORA OF THE PRESIDENCY OF BOMBAY by Cooke … and Talbot’s List of the Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Climbers of the Bombay Presidency. The botanical names in the floras may have undergone some changes according to studies.

Thank you so much …, will get these books first.

… has guided you regarding written sources for the plants.
As for growing them indoors i am not sure they would thrive. These particular plants are specific to their microenvironment. You could try planting seeds after the next flowering period.
Where exactly in Matheran did you observe them?

Thank you so much … Yes, these  plants are specific to their microenvironment. But will try. May be similar soil rich with iron and other similar minerals will help.
They found at Garbet point, many of them, in Matheran.

Leaf pattern looks matching with Strobilanthes lupulina Nees!’