FELLING OF TREES IN THE NAME OF DEVELOPMENT : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
A few years back I was posting a series in Bangla. The title of the series was BALAI ER KOTHA (Story of Bolai).

Bolai is a character in a short story by Tagore. This boy was in love with a SHIMUL TREE which grew in the garden of his uncle (Bolai was staying with them, as his father was away). Bolai had to move to Simla as he was admitted in a school at that place. He was in communication with his aunt. He used enquire about the tree in his communication. Once he asked for an image of the tree. By that time the tree has gone. As I take images for my symbiosis series and to record nests, I realised that  many trees are falling whose images are with me. That’s how I started the series. But when the number crossed 100 I stopped. Now of course it is happening in thousands. The attached images are common site here.
It reminds me a quotation from Arnold Toynbee,
   ” All species, man included, had lived hitherto at the biosphere’s mercy. The industrial revolution exposed the biosphere to the risk of being extinguished by man. Since man is rooted in the biosphere and could not survive apart from it, man’s acquisition of the power to make the biosphere uninhabitable is a threat to man’s survival.”
                                                             —- Arnold Toynbee ( Mankind and mother earth )

ita travesty. judging froom the bark cross section pattern and color, this set in the first picture contains is at least four if not five trees that fell…. now there is technology to transplant mature trees. they can easily do that. may be there has to bae a strict rule LAW and law to be enforced otherwise the next couple of generations later the humans will have to live underground like they did in one of the star wars movies.

I agree with you.