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A royal edict in Maharashtra. Courtesy Dr. Percy Avari.

That is just amazing 

good ideas but what a greater hoax. i enjoyed it.. the english syntax and certain ways of writing is very mid to late 20th century and appears american lingo. cant be old. not an old english translation of original Marathi. And who is …?

How did he get hold of this edict. AND THOSE FONTS WERE NOT INVENTED IN THE 1600 s when Shivaji was king. Come on, guys

well, that framed poster seems like a fun thing perhaps. but i searched today and found this listing on google.

Shivaji. issued a royal edict to his subjects to use dry and dead trees as far as possible, for their various needs. Fresh trees were to be cut only when absolutely ..

this book lists about 67 edicts that Shivaji had apparently proclaimed

i wish someone would have them in original script and language

not this american newspaper english of mid 20th century

still, interesting reading…


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