Coprinopsis stercorea (Fr.) Redhead, Vilgalys & Moncalvo, 2001 (syn: Agaricus stercorarius Bull., 1786; Coprinus stercorarius Sacc., 1887; Coprinus stercorarius var. diverticulatus (Kits van Wav.) Bogart,
1975; Coprinus stercorarius f. diverticulatus Kits van Wav., 1968; Coprinus stercorarius var. stercorarius Sacc., 1887; Coprinus stercorarius f. stercorarius Sacc., 1887; Coprinus stercoreus Fr., 1838; Coprinus velox sensu auct.; fide Checklist of Basidiomycota of Great
Britain and Ireland (2005) (misapplied name); Fungus stercorarius Kuntze, 1898) ?;  



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I photographed this Fungi growing on Elephant dung in Bandhavgarh Ntl Park.
May I request for ID please.

To me it appears to be Coprinus stercoreus (Coprinaceae).
This mushroom is small, greyish, with brown tinge and a white mealy covering when young.
At first it is ovoid, then convex and finally flattened when mature.
Its size is 0.25 -1.25 cm tall with variable dameter, stem is 1-4 cm tall x 0.1 -0.2 cm diameter.
Gills whitish initially but later turn dark brown and finally black. Flesh is auto digesting.
This species has been found to grow solitary or in small groups on dung and manured straw.
Since no features have been written along the photos, I am writing these main features for … to compare with the specimen and let us know, if it fits the description.