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Please suggest me some reputed national or international journal or related site where i can report new record, distribution range or discovery of a plant species.

If it is a rare or scarcely distributed taxon, Journal of Threatened Taxa is a good journal with no publication charges..

There are so many national and international journals of good repute. You have to decide. Some journals take publication fees, other publishing free of cost buy may be of locked access.

 Indian Journals, e.g. Rheedea, Indian Journal of Forestry, Pleione, then with pay option: NeBio, Annals of Plant Sciences, Journal of Economic & Taxonomic Botany, Plant Science Today etc.
International journals: Kew Bulletin, J. Jap. Bot., Phytotaxa, Blumea, Edinb. J. Bot. , J. Jap. Bot., Telopea, Candollea, Nordic J. Bot. and so many others. 

You may start with Taiwania and Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy.

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