Clavulina coralloides (L.) J. Schröt., 1888 (syn: Clavaria coralloides L., 1753 ……; Clavaria coralloides-cinerea Bull., 1788; Clavaria cristata (Holmsk.) Pers., 1801 (ambiguous synonym); Clavaria cristata Jungh. (ambiguous synonym); Clavaria cristata var. ambigua Pass., 1885 ………….; Clavaria elegans Bolton, 1790; Clavaria fimbriata Pers., 1794; Clavaria rugosa var. elegans (Bolton) Pers., 1801; Clavulina coralloides f. bicolor (Donk) Franchi & M.
Marchetti, 2000 ……;  Clavulina cristata (Holmsk.) J. Schröt., 1888 ……………..; Ramaria alba (Bull.) Quél., 1894; Ramaria cristata Holmsk., 1790; Stichoramaria cristata (Holmsk.) Ulbr., 1928);

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Id please
At Sagargad, Alibag

please check Ramaria sp.

Agreed. This is a species of Ramaria. Please check this link


Sending a few more of my photographs taken on my property at Shahapur between 2009 and now.

They are found only in the months of August & September.
8 images

One photographs was inadvertently repeated. It should have been this one.

My booklet has one Ramaria botrytis K. ex. S. F. Grey; don’t know if this can be same.

Appears more close to images at Pterula multifida (Chevall.) Fr.

Looks more like Clavulina sp.
Check Clavulina cristata….

Thanks, … Your id seems to be more correct as per



attached pics of Coral mushroom (Hopeful to be correct) .
Pics were taken in the last week of July and 2nd week of Aug in the same forest at CEC, Goregaon, Mumbai.

3 images.

This not lichen this is mushroom “white coral mushroom” probably belonging to the genus Clavulina. Can be C cristata but not sure about the species.

Saw this Lichen or mushroom today at the south end of the national park in Mumbai. Request Id if possible

This is the same white coral mushroom posted by … in another thread belonging to the genus Clavulina, can be C cristata !!


Photographed at my farm last Sunday. Over the last few years have observed these fungi encircling the bases of Carvanda [Carissa congesta] bushes.
Please note that fallen leaves and other debri have been cleared to take these photographs.

….. you are correct this is Pterula multifida

Actually no mushroom slides are very hard to preserve..
they go bad within sometime unless the are prepared in an industrial way …

I just taken photographs and identified through
morphological means and never prepared slides of this. The earlier discussion:…

These images may be of Clavulina cristata as per







Attached few pics taken in the month of Aug 2009 at CEC, Goregaon, Mumbai.
is this coral mushroom at the initial stage?

Have one sighting of similar growth … has provided me with the ID Clavaria fumosa
But not sure … let us wait for comments.

This is Clavaria vermicularis I hope !!
Please see the revised comment I added later (5 months ago) where I suspected it to be Clavaria vermicularis !!

Looks different from images of Clavaria vermicularis at

Appears close to images at Pterula multifida

Das würde ich für eine Xylaria-Art oder was Ähnliches halten.

Can these images be of Clavulina cristata as per

Another mashroom for Id.
Karnala Bird Sanctury

I think it is Clavaria spp.

To me appears close to images at Clavulina coralloides (L.) J. Schröt.

Looks matching but any chance for C.alta ?

Could not find any images of Clavulina alta on net.
Do you find any ?

Now I could not find the image. Sorry.

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Location: Godawari, Lalitpur, Nepal
Altitude: 1863 m.
Date: 08 August 2019
Habit : Wild

Pl. check comparative images at Class Agaricomycetes

Thank you …!  It seems matching and listed as well.