efloraofindia:”For Id 24032013MR1’’ roadside tree with maroon berries at Pune :  5 images. 6 posts by 4 authors.

March 2013

requesting identification of a big roadside tree with wide span and full with maroon berry like fruits at Pune camp area. No flowers were seen

Is this some Madhuca?

Agree with … This could be a species of Mohua. My photographs of the fruit of one of the species of Mohua for comparison are available at this link

… many thanks for the Id and the links. The flower pics are really beautiful. I have missed the flowers of this tree though.

Yes Madhuca the Moha tree. Most probably Madhuca longifolia var. longifolia


ID request 11072017PC3 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)

Kindly identify this tree with fruits growing in JNU campus, Delhi. Looks like Mahua (Madhuca longifolia var.?).

I think var. longifolia.

You’re right …

Mahua Tree – 0000.jpg
Mahua Tree – 0010.jpg
Mahua Tree – Bark.jpg
Mahua Tree – Bud.jpg
Mahua Tree – Canopy.jpg
Mahua Tree – Falling Leaf.jpg
Mahua Tree – Flower.jpg
Mahua Tree – Leaf.jpg

Waiting for fully opened flowers!!!!!!

Agree with … This is Madhuca longifolia var. longifolia. Have both on my property. Please check the archives of this group for my photographs of them.

I have named it based on the boards in Lalbagh.

I will double check it again. I was also confused by looking at Pradip Kishen’ book.

I wanted to clarify it.

If the last image is from the same tree, I will go for Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia




Madhuca Species seen in Lalbagh on 28/3/16.

Madhuca species so far in efi with keys 

As per efi threadMadhuca neriifolia has narrowly oblanceolate leaves with more or less obtuse apex. The fruits are smooth, fusiform, beaked, always with a single seed (by …)

Thanks … Hope to get it validated.

Yet to observe Madhuca neriifolia

Please check Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia (Roxb.) A.Chev.

Thanks, … May I request you pl. check images at Madhuca neriifolia & give your feedback


[efloraofindia:33928] 040510GS1 tree for ID from Delhi :  3 images. 9 posts by 4 authors.

I was holding this tree for flowers to come, but could not catch it in flowers. Sending for ID


May 4, 2010 10 am

Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-

Herbal Garden, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi, 213 m asl

Habitat- Garden/ Urban/ Wild/ Type-

Planted in Garden

Plant Habit- Tree/ Shrub/ Climber/ Herb-



up to 8 m tall

Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-

Simple, alternate, 12-20 cm long

Inflorescence Type/ Size-

Not seen

Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-

Not seen

Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds-

Not seen

Other Information like Fragrance, Pollinator, Uses etc.-

Not seen

It looks like Mohua [Madhuca longifolia var. longifolia].

South Indian Mohua [Madhuca longifolia var. longifolia] to be precise.

Hope I am lucky to get it flowering

This plant was identified as Madhuca longifolia var. longifolia by …, with no suggestions to the contrary. I am resurfacing again because when I uploaded this plant today, …  consider it to be M. longifolia var. latifolia. I have seen it growing along with var. latifolia and I thik it is much different both in appearance, colour of leaves and leaf apex.

Your comments please.

Looks like Madhuca butyracea? = Diploknema butyracea. But needs confirmation!

Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia


This is the image of M. butyracea I could locate on the net

In the mean time I am also uploading similar looking tree I had photographed in Sunder Nursery in Delhi. I am uploading the same. It may be Madhuca similar to my above plant or different, kindly comment. Both dark green leaves appear on the same tree, may be latter are younger ones.

Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia for me.

If it is Madhuca, it is more likely to be Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia



Plz id this tree: pa98 – 28feb2013 : 4 images. Plz id this tree from Yeoor region. It is around 10 feet height. Sorry flowers and fruits are not there now.

Isn’t this a small mowha tree? (Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia syn. Madhuca indica)

Will need to check whether the tree has latex. For the record – this does not look like Mohua to me.

Could it belong to Moraceae family?

Thank you all. …, I will definitely check if the latex is present when I go there again.

Resembles Madhuca indica

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